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(HIFU) High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, (SMAS) Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System.

HIFU is a real lift without surgery.

Since 2012, HIFU has enjoyed increasing popularity worldwide.

Treatments are FDA approved to lift the skin on the face, neck and more.

A HIFU treatment is the closest method that can be compared to surgical procedures.

When treating e.g. facial skin, coagulation is induced in thousands of small dots at different depths, resulting in immediate contraction of the tissue. The treatment helps to stimulate new collagen formation, which leads to a long-lasting skin rejuvenating effect.

The HIFU treatment generates heat energy for the deeper skin layers, which in turn triggers a proper increase in collagen synthesis in the tissue. This leads to an increased elasticity, firmness and elasticity. Together, these effects provide a beautiful and visible lift and help define contours of the face or area that has been treated..

Both Hifu-Treatment and surgical lifting both tighten loose skin on face and body,
the difference is that with the HIFU treatment there are no side effects that occur during surgical treatments.

We always start with a consultation before the HIFU treatment.


Important to remember!

You must not consume alcohol and / or blood-thinning medicines before treatment. It is also important that you should not have done botox or fillers a month before.

It is also important not to do botox or fillers 3 months after you have done your treatment.

Most people only need a HIFU treatment to tighten the skin. If the skin is very loose, another HIFU treatment may need to be repeated, but at least 3 months after the first HIFU treatment. Both Men and Women can do HIFU Treatment, but men may need to shave.

A lift that suits almost everyone!






After the HIFU treatment, most people already feel that the skin is a little tighter, but your collagen and elastin production lasts up to about 6 months, which is needed for the skin to restore new and stronger elastin fibers and collagen..

After about 6 months, you can see the final result, but with age over 40, the body's ability to produce collagen and elastin decreases. Of course, it varies from person to person and age, medication etc. Therefore, it can only be said that the HIFU treatment lasts for a maximum of about 8 years and at least 1 year.

To get a long-lasting result, you can do maintenance HIFU treatment, but you have to wait 1 year.

An discomfort can be felt during treatment and even after, but at most 2-3 hours before it subsides. You can also get a little redness and swelling, and feel tingling, but even these disappear after a few hours. But if it feels a little after the HIFU treatment, it is also a good indication that the process has begun.


People we cannot treat with HIFU-Treatment:


Heart problems, pacemakers, People at increased risk of clots, Blood thinners, Cortisone, Pregnant and breastfeeding, Diabetics, Infection in the treatment area, Ongoing infection in the body with fever, People who have recently had wire lifting and cancer.





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In the event of a missed visit to a booked treatment, we will charge for the treatment that is booked.

Cancellation must be made according to the cancellation margin, (24 hours).


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