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Light therapy is used worldwide in hospitals, clinics and beauty salons etc. The visible light has an extremely beneficial effect and reaches down into the deeper layers of the skin, and can together with active skin care, give an increased effect on your skin.

Light therapy opens up the micropores and makes the skin more receptive to different products. Many choose to add light therapy in e.g. Facial treatment to get an increased effect of the entire treatment, as masks, serums, creams and massage products can penetrate much deeper into the skin with the help of light.

Luster therapy can also be booked together with other treatments, such as MicroneedlingLymph Drainage, Reflexology or as a completely separate treatment.

One can do light therapy treatment 2 to 3 times a week. The treatment takes 20 min.

To get the best effect from a treatment regimen, about 8 - 10 treatments are needed. It is also possible to mix the colors, e.g. Anti-Age + Hudton, Hudton + Anti-Infection or Anti-Infection + Anti-Age.


Red light (Anti-age) Wavelength 640 nm, Red light (Anti-age).

Red is one of the most powerful colors for increasing blood circulation, also known as the "biological activity light". It stimulates the skin cells to produce collagen and to achieve firmness and elasticity in the skin. Our appearance and longevity are directly dependent on the quality of the body's collagen. 20min.

Green light (evens out skin tone) Wavelength 532 nm, Green light (evens out skin tone).

The green light evens out skin tones and is super effective against wrinkles, fine lines, it makes aging skin absorb the necessary nutrients faster. The green light gives you a beautiful appearance, while it has a calming effect on the skin, and is relaxing for body and soul. 20min.

Blue (Anti-Infection) Wavelength 423 nm, Blue (Anti-Infection).

The blue color prevents infections and counteracts skin rashes, it neutralizes bacteria and balances sebum production. 20min.


Purple (Anti-Acne) Wavelength 690 nm, Purple (Anti-Acne).

The purple color is a double band light formed by red and blue light. thus, the purple light has two therapy effects. It provides a more effective way to reduce acne. 20min.


Yellow (Anti-Pigment) Wavelength 583 nm, Yellow (Anti-Pigment).

The yellow color helps to improve the oxygen exchange to cells, contributes to a reduction in the flocking of pigments. lymphatic drainage, improves the structure of a rougher skin, and soothing effect on a blushing skin. It strengthens the immunity of the skin. Relieves erythema, rosacea and even shingles in the early stages. 20min.


Ultramarine Wavelength 490 nm, Ultramarine.

The ultramarine light promotes skin cell activity and skin tissue metabolism. 20 min.

White Wavelength 510 nm, White.

The white light penetrates deep into the skin to speed up the skin's metabolism and also even out wrinkles. 20min.


Red / Green (Anti-Age + Hudton) Wavelength 640 + 532 nm
The red and green light in the same therapy time. 20min.

Green / Blue (Skin Tone + Anti-Infection) Wavelength 532 + 423 nm
The green and blue light in the same therapy time. 20min.

Blue / Red (Anti-Infection + Anti-Age) Wavelength 423 + 640 nm
The blue and red light in the same therapy time. 20min.





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In the event of a missed visit to a booked treatment, we will charge for the treatment that is booked.

Cancellation must be made according to the cancellation margin, (24 hours).


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