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Lymphatic drainage

Isra Mossberg
Certified / Diploma
Laser & Dermatologist

Stefan Mossberg
Certified Lasertherapist
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The lymph is the fluid in our lymphatic system, which cleanses the body of slag products. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after the treatment, so that the body removes the slag products more easily and faster and the system has an even nutrient flow.

You are allowed to lie in a large "body sock" and air is pumped into air pockets in the sock. It pumps and presses in a way, so that the lymph fluid is pressed / pressed up to the lymph nodes, the treatment does about the same job as a manual lymph drainage massage, but it is more effective. Most people experience lymph drainage as a very pleasant treatment as there is no direct pressure on an already sore and evil body without it being like a massage over larger areas..

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